Date: 11th May 2016
Inflatable Flotation Machine
Jinfeng Gold Mining Machinery is one of the best inflatable flotation machine manufacturers in China,Website:http://www.chinagoldminingmachinery.com, equipped with good factory, welcome to wholesale inflatable flotation machine made in China from us.It can be divided into BSK flotation cell XCF-KYF flotation machine.Product FeaturesThe main shaft of BS-K flotation machine is hung at one side of the frame. The bearing body which is with a light structure is convenient to be installed with a good perpendicularity. With cone-shaped cross section of the impeller and radiation-shaped stator, the machine is featured with wear resistance, long service life and powerful agitating force. U-shaped tank reduces the ore accumulated at the bottom of the tank. With light main shaft parts, the stator is installed at the bottom of the tank, it's easy to install them. With small installed power, the machine is energy saving. With compressed air filled in, air bubbles disperse uniformly and the foam is stable. Thus, the suspension of mineral grains is good with a high recovery rate.This product is divided into several units, such as single tank, double tank, three tanks, four tanks, five tanks and six tanks, etc. Since this product has no ability of imbibing the ore pulp and air spontaneously, the flow of ore pulp needs terrace arrangement, and a foam pump is required for returning the ore pulp.Notes for selection While placing your order, in addition to specifying the model and quantity, make sure to provide the flotation circuit and the followings?Configuration scheme and the feeding mode?Quantity of the scrapers and mode of drive(right drive or left drive)?Quantities of feeding chambers, intermediate chambers, and crude ore chambers?Other special requirements.No electric control cabinet will be supplied.The flashboard will be made according to the manufacturer's drawings. And the electric driven flashboard will be adopted for large scale flotation machine.Technical parameter list of BS-k flotation machineModel?m??volume?r/min) Rotor speed?M Pa)Wind pressure?m?/min)Processing capacity?kw?Motor power?mm?Inner Dimension?kg?Single tank weightBS-K2.82.82480.0150.4~3Y160M2-8/5.51550?1550?13501740BS-K44.02100.5~4Y160L-8/7.51850?1850?15502568BS-K88.01801.0~8.0Y180L-6/152350?2350?19504460BS-K1616.01602.0~15.0Y250M-8/302880?2880?24009231BS-K2424.01547~20Y280S-8/373200?3200?280011107
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